Powerful Solutions

Digital archive

Data and documents stored centralised and secured.

Document and file management

A structured way of storing, managing and finding information based on your company needs.

Relationship management

Work on your relationships. We take care of all information and follow-up.

Automatic processes

Invoice processing, document recognition, approval flows, automatic import/ export, e-sign, …

Digitale mailrooms

Central location to manage, distribute and track incoming and outgoing mail.

Reporting and BI

A central place where data from different sources comes together as a reporting source. Connect our or your own BI-tools.

Our Solutions

Discover our digital signing solution!

To sign documents digitally is a must in the digital world that we live in. With our digital signing-platform it’s possible and easy to allow people , both external and internal, to sign documents.

More Information

Professional guidance

Our consultants and implementors are experts in their field. They know better than anyone that a solution only works if it is tailored to the customer. Therefore, we focus on a customer-oriented approach with clear objectives.

  • Customer- and goal-oriented;
  • Direct contact before, during and after the project;
  • Smooth communication and high efficiency.
Our Company

Secure, fast and reliable

Behind the scenes, we use only the best technology. With Google as our cloud partner, we can guarantee 99.9% uptime.

  • Physically separate databases per customer;
  • Highly scalable technology;
  • Powerful documented integration API.