Jul 07, 2020

Diasbytes: the advantages of QR-codes

Diasbytes: the advantages of QR-codes

With the document management module you can archive and consult all document types in a simple and clear manner. But did you know that this can be done even faster by using QR-codes? Discover all the benefits here! A QR-code is a specific type of two-dimensional barcode that was developed in 1994. The letters QR are short for Quick Response or "quick answer". So the code was therefore developed to be quickly decodable. Many of us probably use QR-codes most often through the mobile banking app. You go out for dinner with a friend, he pays the entire bill and afterwards you scan a QR-code on his smartphone, after which the amount will be deducted fromvyour account.

Barcode versus QR-code

Both QR-codes and barcodes have one sole purpose, namely to store information. However, there are a few major differences. A barcode only contains information in a horizontal direction (literally the horizontal stripes that you see on the barcode). That is why they are also called linear or 1D (1-dimensional). A QR-code, on the other hand, can contain hundreds of times more information than a regular barcode as it stores information in both horizontal and vertical directions. The QR-code is therefore called two-dimensional.

QR-codes in DiAS

Think about those piles of invoices, orders and warehouse receipts, ... Wouldn't it be great to import them all to DiAS in a fast and error-free manner? This is possible by using QR-codes! Say you were working with a regular barcode. Documents will also be processed automatically, just like you would use a QR-code. But what if the barcode is not recognized? Documents are incorrectly added to the previous one and so on. Do you already see the chaos? By using QR-codes, you drastically reduce the chance of errors because there is an error correction automatically built inside the code. This makes an image also resistant to dirt and damage. Importing transport documents or warehouse receipts into DiAS is child's play by adding these QR-codes to your documents. QR-codes also include position detection, which makes it possible to scan them from any angle. It does not matter whether you hold the code directly in front of the scanner or not. QR-codes that are skewed or upside down are no problem at all!

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