Nov 18, 2020

Diasbytes celebrates new collaboration

Paperbox is company based in Ghent. They are a spin-off from Skyhaus, the mother company of AI-specialist ML6. Paperbox was founded by a dedicated team of ML6 employees and has also become an established value in AI.

Their vision is to automate document management processes. In concrete terms, this means that they use Artificial Intelligence to automate tasks that until today could only be done by humans. This idea fits 100% into Diasbytes' philosophy and vision for the future.

For you as a DiAS-user this means the following:

  • From now on, incoming documents (as well as e-mails with attachments) will be automatically recognized. The technology recognizes the document type (e.g. invoice, quotation, contract) without (or with only limited) intervention.
  • In addition, AI technology succeeds in extracting specific data elements (eg VAT number, name, product) from documents. Where standard OCR-technology stops, we go a step further.
  • Based on the above information, the relevant document is routed to the correct system, team or department.

With this collaboration, we are delighted that Diasbytes has officially entered the path of artificial intelligence. This complete solution contributes to significant time and cost efficiencies.

Do you have questions about artificial intelligence, what it can mean for your company or how we can help you optimize your business processes using AI? Ask us for more information via the general number +32 55 270 999,, our website or one of our social media channels.

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