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Bpost Bank

"Our business generates a huge amount of documents coming from customers, intermediaries and employees. DiAS ensures that we can archive these documents in a structured way and ensures that they can always be made available if necessary. Our drastic security requirements can be met with DiAS without any problems. This makes Diasbytes one of our most important partners."

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Wouter Baelde, Directeur Communication groupe
Bpost Bank Bank/ Mortgages

Gilbert De Clercq

"We have chosen your application, since you could provide a perfect solution for scanning CMR documents. Your application processes all kinds of documents into a perfectly readable and compressed PDF. In addition, your program allows interfaces smoothly. This makes it possible for us to to digitally archive the entire order flow, from receipt of the order until payment of the invoice, and quickly search for documents without any manual intervention, this for the entire Gilbert De Clercq group."

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Filip De Clercq
Gilbert De Clercq Transport & Logistics

Luyckx Nv

"Luyckx has found a loyal partner in Diasbytes, since they are able to meet our needs of continuous change and process optimization and they help to further develop these processes together. This ensures that both our EPR-linked document archiving, as (purchase)approval-flow add value to our rapidly growing organization."

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Nicolas Geldof
Luyckx Nv Distribution and service of machines for civil engineering, freight handling and agriculture

Reynaers Aluminium

"DiAS DMS / CRM offers an easy, safe and user-friendly solution for document management, allowing us to both consult it in the workplace and online."

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Tom Van Den Broeck
Reynaers Aluminium Wholesale

Fraeye Hardware Group

"Why would you choose DiAS? When it comes to administration we mainly think of a lot of paper work, piles of folders with various documents. Dias ensures that you can virtually eliminate all folders by digitizing. You start by building a flow of various tasks. By digitizing all documents and building a strong flow, employees are "obliged" to work in accordance. As a result, few things get lost and everyone has access to the built flow. This will lift up your company, since using a correct communication tool is the strength of every company. The excellent search function is a huge asset within DiAS. If you ask me, every company needs a good CRM package and DiAS is the very best!"

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Elyse Aelbrecht
Fraeye Hardware Group Hardware and software solutions - IT sector

Computers & Communications

"C&C mainly opted for the DiAS solution for archiving all our documents, in order to have a proper follow-up of questions and issues reported by our customers. Also with regard to accounting, we created a project for each entity of the Fraeye Group, being able to manage flow follow-up of incoming and outgoing invoices. This method makes it easy to track who approved invoices and whether they have been entered in the accounting journal."

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Veronique Meere
Computers & Communications Hardware and software solutions - IT sector


"In 1999, Welda and DiAS started an unknown revolution in archive management. The mission was to digitize everything and to banish the physical archive. What was the hardest part? Telling our employees to throw away their paper files and copies and to digitize everything instead. All changes are difficult in the beginning but soon some employees from various services started to notice the benefits. Now, 20 years later and with a digital archive of over 2 million documents searchable in seconds, the DiAS system is indispensable at in the Welda company and its subsidiary Welda Machinery. Incoming and outgoing mails, invoices, delivery notes, manuals, purchase orders, etc. everything must be accessible for everyone, yet with adaptable security. This document security was a must have and works flawlessly. When needed, the document security can be switched off temporarily or permanently for specific documents, for example when approval of purchase invoices is required. Documents can be flowed to selected users or user groups, provided with comments and approvals. Every Welda service uses DiAS in its own way, yet everything is processed streamlined in order to obtain a complete and structured archive that everyone can consult. This sum-up is only a small selection of what we do with the DiAS system nowadays. Furthermore, DiAS holds a wealth of information for every new employee, and we often hear "wow, if only we used this system at my previous job". "

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Ken Van Leeuwe
Welda Machines for metal industry

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