Digital Archive

What is a digital archive?

Right from the start of any business or organisation, we are faced with paperwork, heaps of paperwork. many letters, declarations, invoices, work orders, order forms, … you name it. Often we will push this paperwork into folders or boxes in order to be able to store everything physically, somewhere in a cupboard or in a separate room. Until the moment where we urgently need that one document, it’s somewhere, I’m sure, but where…. And that’s where it gets hard, you realise that this way of working is not efficient at all. A digital archive solves all these problems. And not only that. It takes care of backup, findability by name, receipt date, meta-data and content, reporting and much more. A digital archive contains the history of your company, structured, carefree and always available.

What kind of companies kan use a digital archive?

A digital archive can help any business to store documents in a structured way. Both small businesses such as one-man businesses and large corporations benefit from handling their documents in a digital and secure way.

“Isn’t it to late to start now?”

The earlier a company starts structurally building a digital archive, the better. But it does not have to be a show-stopper at all if the first years started a bit more “chaotically”. During the implementation we will determine together which documents we archive and over which historical period. If the customer has a large number of documents, such as a library or a large filing cabinet that needs to be digitized, we are happy to call on one of our partners for both the scanning and the logistical processing. Once we have determined which history, if any, needs to be included, we proceed to integrate all new documents.

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