Digital Mailroom

What is a digital mailroom?

Today, companies still receive many communications by mail in the mailbox. In larger organizations, that mail is then distributed to the appropriate person or service for further processing. However, the past Corona period exposed a problem there. People were no longer in the office so the mail was not getting to the people. A digital mailroom is a total solution for this. Together with our partner Input For You we offer a solution for the logistics, the scanning, the allocation and the delivery of the mail. This in a digital, secure and user-friendly way. However, the solution need not be limited to letter mail but can also be perfectly complemented with digital documents that need to reach the recipient in a structured way.

Who can use a digital mailroom?

A digital mailroom is ideal for companies that want to get their communication, in the form of letters or digital mail, to the right recipient(s) in a structured way. This may concern companies with 1 or 2 departments, but can also concern companies with multiple, even international departments. Automating and digitizing this process often has a major impact on the efficiency of the company and is a real advance for the company in general.

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