Process automation

What does this mean?

Process and Automation, two words that can have an incredible amount of interpretation in different sectors, organizations, … At Diasbytes we focus on processes that deal with contacts, files and documents. Today many of these processes are unstructured, via email, on printed documents, unfortunately sometimes untraceable. With our solutions, this is completely in the past. We provide a structured way of working, in a simple interface where every user knows perfectly what his or her task is in which process. Below are a few examples of processes that we can automate in your organization:

Invoice Processing

Processing invoices is still often a manual task. An invoice arrives by post/digitally, whether or not in the universal UBL format. UBL invoices can usually be entered directly into the accounting system but what if there are other links to be made? Purchase receipts, delivery notes, purchase/sales files, … At Diasbytes we have a strong solution for automatic invoice processing. Through our powerful AI partners, we automatically extract all the necessary data from an invoice that came in the mail or by email. This invoice can then be consulted, linked to files, documents and contacts or sent directly to the accounting software as an accounting proposal. All this with no or minimal human interaction. No more retyping of invoice information, time to focus on the things that really matter in your business.

Approval Flows

Documents such as invoices, contracts, … sometimes need to be approved by one or more people before further processing is possible. Our solution offers a very flexible and user-friendly solution. A document or a file can be evaluated in several levels by different people or groups of people. After evaluation, the document in question can automatically follow a further flow. The result of an evaluation step can be communicated to different people and even be stamped on the document for traceability afterwards. In cooperation with invoice processing, for example, this can mean a very powerful automation in your company. Approval processes are easy to implement in almost every process in an organization.

Document Recognition en dispatching

Most communication from external parties towards your organization is still done via email. Often a central mailbox is used to handle all this communication. Communication can be about orders, complaints, follow-ups, general information, … Someone in the company then has the task of sending that communication to the right department, based on the information in the email. With Diasbytes we can automate that entire process. With our mailbox readers we can analyze the mail that arrives in mailboxes and detect, based on keywords or AI, which document type that mail can be assigned to. We then automatically forward that mail to the right service or person in the organization for further processing. All this in a matter of seconds.

Other specific process automations

Of course, we cannot offer a standard solution for every automation. However, our system is so flexible and configurable that we can offer a solution for just about any need, provided the right configuration or a piece of customization is made. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can automate your processes for documents, files and contacts.

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