Relationships – CRM

What is a CRM and why do you need it?

A CRM is the place of all places where you manage your customers and contacts. From the first introduction, to closing a deal and further follow-up afterwards. Every company has some form of “sales”. Finding new customers, unboarding new clients, helping new patients, you name it… With a good CRM that meets the needs of your process, managing the corresponding information is already a lot easier.

What kind of CRM could work for me?

Choosing a CRM is not an easy task, which one is best for my organization, there are so many choices…. First of all, you need to ask yourself what kind of sales/onboarding/… process you have installed in your company or what way of working is desired in the organization. There are CRMs that focus on sales and sales figures. Selling against targets and recording as many sales as possible each month. There are also CRMs, such as Diasonline, that focus on the information that needs to be collected in a sales process and the follow-up that is linked to that, often over a longer period of time. Of course this also includes the necessary statistical monitoring and reporting but the focus is on the sales file and follow-up.

Convinced? What now…

Are you convinced that Diasonline could be the ideal CRM solution for your company? Or do you think replacing your current package with Diasonline could add value? Great, congratulations, a step in the right direction :). To start or discuss a project, we’d like to come and visit you, gather information about how you work and see how we can optimally adapt the flexible design of Diasonline to your needs. Are there any additional specific requirements or developments needed? Our team of implementation specialists and developers is ready to develop processes tailored to your needs. If a data transfer from a previous system is needed, no problem, it can be taken care of.

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